Brief History: Oyster Bay High School is located at 150 East Main Street in Oyster Bay New York. Oyster Bay High School was finished being built in 1929. They built this school do to the over crowded population and age of building of the prior school built. This school was meant for all grades K-12 but turned into just a high school as the years went on. At the entrance there was one gargoyle over each door label B for boys and G for girls. With this new age school comes with state of art equipment like a balcony auditorium, state of the art gym and speakers in the classrooms. The school changed its policy from open campus to closed campus for the fact that the school was still liable for students that left campus. In early 2000 the school was old enough to be called outdated so the district started to renovate some classrooms.

Haunted History: It is said that a ghost of a janitor haunts the 3rdand 4thfloor. Student have claimed to see a janitor checking things out and then just disappear. Students also claim to have seen the ghost of Tommy Robinson former coach and player dribble basketballs in the gym and then disappear. Tommy Robinson died back in 2003 of a heart attack. A janitor claims that every once in a while when he is cleaning the hallways outside of the gymnasium that he will all of a sudden hear a crowd cheering as if there was a basketball game going on and when he pokes his head in to see what was going on, the gym appeared to be empty.