A Brief History: The Peyton Randolph House is part of Colonial Williamsburg Virginia and is considered one of the oldest and most distinctive of the original homes in the area. It was originally built in 1715 and was originally three separate buildings that were connected during renovations in the late 1700s. The east section was demolished in the 1800s, it was later rebuilt after being acquired by Colonial Williamsburg in 1938. Sir John Randolph purchased what is now the west wing in 1721 and willed it to his middle son, Peyton Randolph upon the father’s death. Peyton was politically active before, during, and after the Revolutionary War, presiding over the First Continental Congress. The home also served as personal quarters, as well as headquarters for General Rochambeau and the Marquis de Lafayette in the days prior to the siege of Yorktown in 1781. It is now currently open to the public for tours.

Haunted History: It’s not surprising that the house, with its history of use during wartime, age, and extensive renovations, is considered a very active paranormal location, with some considering it not only the most haunted location in Colonial Williamsburg, but also the most haunted house on the East Coast of the US. As it was a family home for over 200 years, it’s not surprising that many people, including children, have died on the property, adding to the potential for paranormal activity. Paranormal claims include the hearing of voices, poltergeist activity, and visitors to the home have reported being touched and pushed while alone. The security guards have claimed to have had the motion sensors go off late at night in the house and when they go to check it out no one is there. There was one incident that when a guard went to check out the house he went down into the basement and heard footsteps above him when he went upstairs to see who was there, he was shocked to find no one. The guards have said that every time they get a motion alarm going off in the house they are always hesitant to go and check it out, because of the claims of paranormal activity.