A Brief History: The Pizza Hut at 2082 Middle Country Road in Centereach, New York is not your average fast food restaurant. The building was built in the late 1970’s and was originally a Jack In The Box. However, rumors state that there was a shooting in the bathroom of the building that resulted in a murder. The lack of records proving the murder has not changed people’s passing on the stories of the man killed in the bathroom. Even though the location is an active and working Pizza Hut today, the paranormal activity has yet to cease.

Haunted History: There are a wide variety of paranormal claims throughout the building. Common occurrences include odd sounds being heard in the bathroom as well as objects seemingly moving on their own. The manager of the Pizza Hut also states that whispering can be heard everywhere in the restaurant. Multiple employees state that the pans on a certain shelf in the kitchen will fall or be thrown from the shelf at random. So much so, that the pans needed to be tied down. The shelf is supposedly level and there are no significant drafts nearby. The man who was murdered in the bathroom is apparently the one who continues to haunt the restaurant.