A Brief History: The Poor Richard’s Inn is located at 17 Jackson Street in Cape May, New Jersey. It was a Bed and Breakfast with 13 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The property was sold in October of 2015 and became a personal residence. The house was built in 1882 by George Hildreth. There is a sister house located at 45 Jackson Street, the Christopher Gallagher House.

Haunted History: There are many tales regarding the haunted history. According to one of the previous owners a woman has been seen brushing her hair looking at a mirror in the servant’s quarters. One of the rooms that has a story is room 7. A woman was staying there with 2 other friends. The story is that a woman was reading a magazine and a burst of energy flung the magazine out of her hands, across the room and into a closet. Another haunted room is room 3 where several guests have reported the feeling of someone banging on the bed box spring from below. If you are ever in Cape May take a stroll down Jackson Street and maybe you will see a haunting of your own.