A Brief History: Precious Blood Cemetery is located at Diamond Hill Road, Woonsocket Rhode Island and also continues into Blackstone Massachusetts. The front entrance is in Rhode Island but the majority of it is in Massachusetts. In May 13,1955 the cemetery stopped allowing people to be laid to rest there. August of 1955 the area was hit by two category 1 hurricanes. Much of the area was flooded due to the amount of rain that flooded the river that wraps around the back part of the cemetery and other bodies of water around of area. This caused the cemetery to flood in witch caused more then 50 caskets to surface and took with the current of the water and floated away. Some caskets traveled into the streets of the city while others went out to sea never to be seen again. Many remains were brought to the mausoleum of the cemetery after the two storms, where the remains were reburied and new headstones were made and in addition some needed new caskets.

The 51st Governor of Rhode Island, Aram Jules Pothier is buried here and has the largest mausoleum on the property.

Haunted History: Because of the occurrences regarding the hurricanes many people say that some of the bodies don’t match the headstones when they where relayed to rest. Because of this happening many think the spirits are searching for their beloved ones that they laid with before the flood. Many people also claim to have seen white glowing lights and disembodied voices from the cemetery grounds.