Brief History: Rocky Point Amusement Park is located at 33 Rocky Point Avenue Warwick Rhode Island. In 1847 Captain William Winslow purchased land for the purpose of building and amusement park. The park did very well and business was booming so the park expanded in size and attractions as popularity grew. There were live bands, trapeze artists, live animals and many other forms of entertainment other than the rides. As time went on and people wanted more and more, profits fell. A private company gained ownership of the park at this time. In 1938 much of the park was destroyed by a hurricane, it was a category 3 storm with winds over 120 miles per hour. Rocky Point’s final summer was in 1995, it filed for bankruptcy in 1996. Rides were auctioned off to other parks and in 2003 the land was bought by a developer with plans to turn the land into apartments in a gated community. The closed park was a target of vandalism and arson. One fire started in the park’s main building seemed very suspicious as there was no electricity in the building to have been an accident. In 2007 all that was left was demolished. In 2008 a federal grant allowed the city of Warwick to purchase half the land (41 Acres), the state bought the rest with plans for a state park set in 2013. However the park does have one very unfortunate event in its history. In August of 1893, former principal Frank Sheffield murdered his five-year-old daughter, Maggie, by bashing her head in with a rock. There were witnesses but he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Frank was sent to a state hospital afterwards. The reason for the murder is unclear although it is believed by many to be tied to a head injury and the association between Maggie and the unfortunate death of his wife who had complications shortly after childbirth. Frank had been seeing a psychiatrist and often times brought up the thoughts and urges of killing his daughter but was simply prescribed Opium and Cocaine which at the time were legal.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have seen an unusual mist form out of no-where and then just disappear. People have also claimed to hear the sounds of kids playing and then just disappear. There are also claims of feeling and unusual chill and feelings of being watched while walking through the park.