A Brief History: Located near Lake Ronkonkoma, the Ronkonkoma County Park has served as a park and nature preserve and trails. Stories abound of a small island in the middle of the park’s pond that was the scene of a rape back in the 1980s. Supposedly that is where two males attacked and killed their female companion, leaving her body on the island or even throwing it into the pond. While we have not found any evidence in local newspapers of this event, we did uncover a news report of a party in the park gone wrong. A group of youths were having a party in the park when someone threw a keg into the bonfire causing it to explode. The shrapnel from the keg severed a man’s arm and later died.

Haunted History: The paranormal claims that persist from Ronkonkoma County Park include hearing the sounds of a girl screaming, presumably from the woman who was raped and left for dead by her friends. Also there are claims of a bright glowing light throughout the park, presumably the spirit of the woman or the teen killed by the exploding keg that still haunts the grounds of the park. There have also been claims of hearing Indian chanting from a distance. People have also claimed to have seen shadow people here as well.