A Brief History: The Salem Inn is a beautiful, historical property that consists of three buildings. Built in 1834 by Captain Nathaniel West, the Captain West House is the main building located on this property. This house consists of 23 guest rooms and suites. All of these rooms are decorated with many antiques and have the details of the time. The second property apart of the Salem Inn is the Curwen House. This home was constructed in 1854. This property has 11 rooms and much like the Captain West house, this building is decorate with antiques to keep it true to the time period it was constructed in. Lastly, we have the Peabody House. Constructed in 1874, the Peabody house is perfect for families and small groups. This is the smallest building that is apart of the Salem Inn complex. There is no specific history attached to these homes other than the age of buildings and the location in the Historical District of Salem.

Haunted History: There are many paranormal claims that come along with staying at the Salem Inn. The owners are convinced that the location is not haunted. However, the employees and guest say otherwise. According to the accounts, there are many spirits who roam the halls of the Salem Inn. The most activity happens in the Captain West House. There are four well-known tales of the Salem Inn. The first one is a woman that the employees have named Katherine. She hangs around the location and is known to run past people up the stairs. The second known entity is a cat that hangs out in the parlor area. There are no cats on the property, but it is said that one is frequently seen. Also, people who have allergies to cats, sometimes have outbreaks while spending time in the parlor. Thirdly, there is a small boy who has made his presence known at the Inn. It is said that you can hear his laughter and the pitter-patter of his feet running in the hallways on the second floor of the house. It is also said that sometimes the employees at the front desk hear the sound of a pebble falling on front desk from the staircase upstairs. They believe that this may be the handy work of the little boys spirit. Lastly, the most popular story of the Salem Inn is linked to Room 17. This room is said to be very active. There is a legend of a woman named Elizabeth whose life was taken while staying in that room. She was murdered by her husband. Therefore, when men stay in the room, she likes to taunt them. It is said that people hear noises in the closet, and footsteps around the room. This is also common of many rooms in the Captain West house.