A Brief History: The asylum is located at 3621 Farm Road San Antonio Texas, and was built around the 1890s. According to the Fort Worth Gazette on November 29, 1891 in the article “Terrell all Right” it discusses the San Antonio Asylum and if the land it sits on is fit for the asylum. They talk about the agriculture of the land and the artesian well that is located there, and if there is a sufficient amount of water supply for the asylum. The asylum has a total of buildings, which were used for a security/personnel building, doctor’s offices/patient housing, patient/admissions building and a maintenance/power plant. The Asylum finally closed it’s doors between 1995-1996, due to the treatment that became available at home and in local hospitals, and the lack of government funding that would support asylums like this to stay open.

Haunted History: There have been many encounters with the paranormal at this asylum. Many people that have gone in there have reported hearing screaming, doors opening on their own, and doors slamming shut. You can also hear random conversations going on in the main building as well as the office building. There have been claims of seeing mists and shadow people all over the area especially in the shower room in the office/patient building. There have also been many claims of feeling cold spots in the hallways of both main buildings.