The Urban Legend: Back in the late 1930s a school bus carrying approximately 10 to 15 young school children, was crossing the railroad tracks by the Shane Road Crossing and stalled on the tracks. At that time a train was approaching, but it was already too late, there is no gate, or warning lights to warn motorists of an approaching train, so train hit the school bus killing the conductor of the train, the school bus driver, and all of the children who were on the bus. Years later the town decided to name the surrounding streets after the young children who died that day in that horrific accident. Some of the names of the children who died that day are as follows: Bobbie Allen, Nancy Carole, Cindy Sue, Laura Lee, Richy Otis, and Emilio Guerra.

Haunted Occurrences: The locals’ say that you can hear the sound of a train approaching, the sound of a steam whistle, and the screeching of wheels, but the train never arrives. Many locals have gone to this location and put there car in neutral approximately 15 yards from the track, and the car moves on it’s own going faster up and over the tracks. Legend has it, that is the children pushing your car out of harms way. There have been experiments done, where people have put baby powder on the back of their car covering the bumper and the trunk. Many people claim to have had little fingerprints and handprints on the back of their car after they rolled over the tracks.


  • It is true that there is no warning lights or gate to warn motorists of an approaching train. These tracks are still in use for cargo trains.

  • There is a decline on the road before the tacks, so when you put your car in neutral 15 yards away your car will start to roll toward the tracks building up enough momentum to go up hill and over the tracks.

  • There is a small hill right before the tracks.

  • When using baby powder or flour for this experiment, you must clean and scrub the back of your car before trying this experiment, because any handprints or fingerprints that you had left there in the past will show up when you sprinkle baby powder or flour over the area, giving you the assumption that those are the children’s fingerprints that died in that horrible accident that day.

The Investigation: While investigating the tracks we used digital audio recorders, video cameras, and EMF meters. We did not pick up any EVPs. There was no unusual activity through the video camera. While standing over the tracks there was a high EMF, but it was normal. We tried the experiment with the baby powder and did not get any handprints or fingerprints. We also tried pulling the car up closer to the tracks in between the decline of the road and the incline of the tracks so the car was not in motion when put in neutral. We stayed in neutral for a couple of minutes, but then sure enough the car moves up hill and over the tracks on it’s own, which was interesting. Overall there may be something going on at the tracks, but I think more experimenting and investigating needs to be done before giving a final conclusion.