A Brief History: Located at 17 DeHart Street in Morristown New Jersey, the Sansay House was built around 1807 for Monsieur Louis Sansay. The French Grand Master utilized the property to conduct his dance school. This home was also host to the Marquis de Lafayette on the night of July 14, 1825. Lafayette, a French hero of the American Revolution, was a guest at a gentleman’s only party on the second floor of the Sansay House during his 24 state tour at the behest of President Monroe. Later the house was purchased by General Joseph Revere, grandson of Paul Revere, who himself was a Civil and Mexican War Hero. General Revere was even knighted by Queen Isabella of Spain in 1851 for saving Spanish citizens during the Mexican War. The Sansay House today acts as private offices and is not open to the general public.

Haunted History: People have reported seeing light turn on and off by themselves. There has also been claims of hearing strange knocking on the walls.