A Brief History: Scarlett O’Hara’s is located at 70 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine, Florida. There were 2 separate houses that were built 18 years after the civil war in 1879 they were put together to form one building. Mr. Colee built one building for his fiancé as a wedding present. Unfortunately his fiancé left him for a soldier soon after the house was built. The other house was built by a retired lighthouse keeper for his family. In 1979 an entrepreneur named Kevin Finch purchased the two houses and renovated them into one bar and grill, which instantly became popular due to its close proximity to Flagler College.

Haunted History: The Most famous story from Scarlett O’Hara’s is that of Mr. Colee himself. After his wife left him for another man Mr. Colee became very sad however he eventually found a new love and moved into the house together. They were married soon after however shortly after the marriage he was found dead in his bathtub by a supposed suicide. However after investigating the matter further it was found that he was murdered in the bathtub and it was made to look like a suicide. It is theorized that Mr. Colee’s ex-fiancé, who was known to be a spiteful woman, could not stand that he was living happily in a house that was built for her with his new wife. The ex-fiancé got her new soldier husband to help kill Mr. Colee. The spirit of Mr. Colee is said to haunt the bar however he seems to just want to amuse himself more than anything. He has been known to trigger the burglar alarm, light the candles on the second floor, and turn on and off the AC, T.V. and heater. He also touches men on the shoulder in the men’s bathroom while chuckling to himself and some claim to have heard splashing water while up in the “Ghost bar” late at night.