A Brief History: The Sea Holly Inn is located at 815 Stockton Avenue in Cape May New Jersey. Built in the late 1800s the Sea Holly Inn was a private residence until 1999 when it became a B&B. This 3 story Gothic cottage is one block from the ocean. The rooms are furnished with authentic Renaissance Revival antiques.

Haunted History: The Sea Holly Inn is known for its ghostly activity. People have made many claims about disembodied voices and footsteps strolling up and down the hallways all through the night with no person to be seen. One couple claimed to have their bed suddenly start shaking around midnight, seemingly without any reason. Full conversations have been heard from empty rooms and the 2ndfloor has held many sightings of partial bodied apparitions. The most commonly seen spirits are that of an older man and a younger woman thought to be a servant. Shadows are also said to follow visitors around the house.