A Brief History: Located on Seaside Drive in Waterford Connecticut, the Seaside Sanatorium has a widely varied past. Built in the 1930’s by famed architect Cass Gilbert, the sanatorium was originally intended to house and treat children with tuberculosis. It was built there because of its location close to the ocean air and direct sunlight. These were thought to be a cure for tuberculosis. It closed down in the 1940’s due to better medicinal treatments. In 1958, it was briefly converted to an elderly home for three years. Immediately after, the property was converted to a home for the mentally ill to live and be treated. That home lasted until 1996 where it sat abandoned until 2016 when the state announced plans to make the site a state park. It is currently owned by the state and is still undergoing renovations.

Haunted History: Throughout the history of the building, there have been hundreds of recorded deaths on the property, most coming from the tuberculosis patients. However, when the property served as a mentally handicapped home, caretakers took on a god complex and produced a very high mortality rate from malpractice and neglect. It is said that all of these deaths contribute to the paranormal activity observed throughout the building. Cold spots and orbs have been reported throughout the building. Paranormal investigators have also captured EVPs of children’s voices as well as VPs of children’s laughter and footsteps. The activity has been reported throughout the building, but most audio is reportedly captured at the outside playground. With the vast history of untimely death and malpractice on the property, it’s no surprise the spirits have never quite moved on from the place they took their last breath. There is no doubt the Seaside Sanatorium is a historic site. However it holds a dark past that seemingly will not be content with staying in the past.