A Brief History: The Segui-Kirby Smith House is located at 12 Aviles Street, St. Augustine, Florida. The first records of the building date back to 1764 during the first Spanish period of St. Augustine. It is one of only 36 Spanish colonial houses remaining in St. Augustine. In 1785 the home was purchased by Bernardo Segui who was a well-known merchant of Minorcan descent. He was also a baker for the Spanish militia during that time. In 1823 Judge Joseph Smith rented out and eventually purchased the home. He was the first Superior Court judge from East Florida. Eventually he had a son named Edmund Kirby Smith who grew up to be a Lieutenant General in the Confederate Army at the age of only 38 making him the youngest in the Confederate Army to be given that rank. He was known as the last Confederate General to surrender his command. Today it is used as a free public library holding much of St. Augustine’s long history.

Haunted History: There are many who claim that if you walk past the house day or night you get the strong feeling of being watched from the house. There are also claims of lights turning on and off. There is also a spirit who roams the building that enjoys causing mischief while people are trying to read and the sounds of laughter can be heard.