A Brief History: The Shawnee General Store is located at 542 River Road East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. The Shawnee General Store still bears the timeworn sign from when it was originally opened in 1859 by John Depuy Labar and his son-in-law, George Heller. The 900 square foot, 148-year-old store has had little changes over the years and the owners have worked hard to preserve its old-fashioned character. Even some sandwiches on the menu carry names of historic significance, like the C.C. Worthington, which is a hot pastrami and Swiss sandwich with spicy mustard named after the original founder of the Shawnee Inn and playhouse. The owners have even considered pursing an application as a national historic landmark.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to have feelings of being watched. Visitors have also claimed to have felt cols spots while shopping.