A Brief History: Sheep Pasture Park is located in East Setauket, off of Sheep Pasture Road and the corner of Comsewogue Road. On the grounds of the park is Lawrence Aviation that was closed down in 2003 by the EPA for illegally dumping chemicals into the ground and they were fined $48.1 million to pay for damages and the cleanup, which was completed in 2014. While there is not a lot of history associated with this location people have said that during the Salem witch trials some of the women that were accused of witchcraft escaped the town and settled here. There has also been rumors of Mob activity happening in this area, but nothing confirmed. Today Sheep Pasture Park is a part of the Setauket Greenway Trail, which spans for miles beginning in Setauket and ending in Port Jefferson Station.

Haunted History: There are many paranormal occurrences that have happened here at Sheep Pasture Park. From unusual lights, shadow people, the feeling of uneasiness and the feeling of being watched. Some have thought to have seen people watching them from a distance but as you approach the figures disappear. Some seem to believe a negative entity resides here, as it tries to separate people and has a way of playing with their emotions. There have been EVPs captured here as well as hearing people talking when no one is around. There are also rumors that cult activity has been spotted here as a place to perform rituals.