A Brief History: The Slater Mill is located at 67 Roosevelt Avenue in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Slater Mill was named after Samuel Slater, the mill’s founder. The mill’s construction was completed in 1793. It was built as a textile mill to be used to spin cotton into yarn using the water of the Blackstone River. The Slater Mill has the distinction of being the first of its kind in the United States of America. Over the course of its history, Slater Mill received several additions to its structure. Unfortunately, over time the mill was subject to multiple fires. Two fires in 1912 brought about concern for the building, and a desire to ensure its protection. In 1921, a group of businessmen decided to preserve the mill because of its history. In 1925, with the help of 62 founders including Walter Chrysler, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone the mill restoration was complete, and opened its doors as a museum. In 1966 the mill became recognized as a historical landmark with the National Park Service.

Haunted History: The mill used lots of machinery in its efforts to make textiles. These machines were large, complex, and at times dangerous to operate. Unfortunately, there were recorded incidents at the mill, which caused deaths and dismemberments to employees working there. Some of these employees may never have left the mill, and are still there, even after death. There are reports of dark, shadowy figures roaming the buildings and the property. Also, people visiting the mill report hearing the screams of the injured or dying, including the voices of children. Children as young as six years old worked in the mill. They were small, and nimble which enabled them to fit into the machines to repair them. Sometimes this led to tragedy, and a life cut short.