A Brief History: The Gettysburg Soldier’s National Museum, located at 777 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, is a historic building that acted as the headquarters for General Oliver Howard during The Battle of Gettysburg. In the wake of the bloody battle wealthy citizens commissioned the building to act as an orphanage for children who lost parents in the Civil War, opening its doors to 30 orphans in September of 1866 as the Soldiers’ Orphan Homestead. After an initial decade or so of prosperity and harmony under the management of Civil War widow Philinda Humiston, the orphanage expanded to house 120 boys and girls. However, things took a turn for the worse when the founders and trustees of the orphanage moved on and left the managerial duties with Rosa Carmichael, whose cruelty to the children would become infamous. Charges were brought against her numerous times for the barbaric and torturous punishments she inflicted for minor infractions on children as young as four and five. After the orphanage was finally closed down 1877, it was inspected by the members of the Grand Army of the Republic where they discovered a small, dank, lightless room Mrs. Carmichael used as a dungeon to shackle young children to the wall as punishment.

The building changed hands several times over the beginning of the 1900s, when it was opened in the early 1920s as the first bed and breakfast inn in Gettysburg. Eventually famous comedy actor Cliff Arquette, better known as “Charlie Weaver”, opened up the building to the public in the 1950s as the “Charley Weaver Museum of the Civil War.” Operating until November 2014 as the Soldier’s National Museum it has closed its doors and forced to auction off the historical artifacts contained within.

Haunted History: There have been many claims over the years that have occurred at this location. It is said that you can hear children chattering and crying at times. There have also been apparitions of solders seen. There have been extreme cold spots felt at this location especially in ht orphanage section. Many paranormal investigators have collected numerous EVPs and unusual photos throughout the years.