A Brief History: In 1863 industrialist George Allen of Philadelphia decided to build a country estate in Cape May New Jersey. He hired well-known architect Samuel Sloan to build him a palace by the sea. The Allen family used the property for the next 83 years until the passing of Esther Mercur. Then in 1946 the property was then sold and turned into a boarding house. The use of the once grand mansion in this fashion took a toll on the property. The rundown former country estate turned boarding house was eventually shuttered.

The abandoned property was purchased in 1994 with aims to restore the property to its former glory. The years had not been kind to the estate and it took 3 years of work to take it from a rotting husk and make it something to look at again.

Haunted History: Some people who visit Southern Mansion report encountering what they feel is the spirit of Esther Mercur. It seems that after all this time she enjoys the summer estate where she hosted many rowdy parties in the mansion’s glory days. Also reported in the mansion are soldiers in Civil War era uniforms walking through the ballroom and inside room 14.