A Brief History: Located in the historic town of St. Georges in Bermuda. St. Peter’s Church was originally built in 1612 and is believed to be the oldest continually used Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. There are two graveyards located outside the church. The walled off area on the west side of the church was reserved for black slaves. In 1698, the population of St. Georges was 1,124 and approximately one-third of that was blacks who were mainly brought over as slaves from Africa. The graveyard was closed for burials in the mid-1800’s as new cemeteries were built in the area. The most famous grave belongs to Jemmy Darrell, a former slave who went on to gain his freedom and become a king’s pilot. He died in 1815 and was buried at St. Peter’s. He was held in such high esteem, his tombstone contained words such as “usefulness” and “integrity” to describe him.

Haunted History: St. Peter’s Church is part of the St. George’s ghost tour, The Haunted History Walking Tour. There have been reported feelings of uneasiness and a strong sense of sorrow. Given it’s history, this should come as no surprise to anyone.