A Brief History: The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is located at 333 Wonderview Avenue in Estes Park, Colorado. The Stanley Hotel is a beautiful and grand hotel situated at the gateway of the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is best known for its use in the Stephen King novel “The Shining”.

In 1903 inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley become enamored with Estes Park after his first visit to Estes Valley while dealing with a bought of consumption. Becoming bored with the quiet stillness of the place, in 1909 he decided to build The Stanley Hotel for those of the wealthy east coast. Over the years, it hosted the likes of Molly Brown, John Philip Sousa and Teddy Roosevelt himself.

By the 1970’s the hotel was in dire need of renovating due to lack of care and investment. Luckily for the Stanley, renowned author Stephen King visited and was inspired to write his novel. Since then the popularity of “The Shining” paved the way for the comeback of the Stanley Hotel. The original hotel has 140 rooms and has undergone many renovations to restore it to its original beauty.

Haunted History: The original Stanley Hotel has a number of “Spirited” hotel rooms including Stephen King’s famous room 217, as well as 401, 407 and room 428. Room 217 is reported to be where the spirit of housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson is said to linger, fold laundry and disrupt couples as they sleep. In room 428, apparently the most notable Spirited room of The Stanley, a cowboy sits and waits to greet you. Around the hotel and including the hallways and lobby, you can hear children run and giggle, witness closets and doors open on their own, and watch full body apparitions glide up and down the grand staircase. All of these claims are indeed a wondrous feeling adding to the great history of the Stanley Hotel.