A Brief History: The Stony Brook Inn is located in the Pocono Mountains at 102 Worthington Ave, Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania. This bed and breakfast is filled with antiques and unique country art that takes you back in time to 1800s. The original house built in 1853, was believed to be a private residence primarily used as a summer home. During the 1930s the house was sold to Anton von Wening who later turned it into an inn in the mid 1930s. His daughters Constance and Helen operated the inn until the mid 1940s and it is told that the sisters slept in the attic when the inn was full. The Stony Brook Inn was sold in 1945 to Karl and Miriam Dresdner whose initials are still on the old brass doorknocker on the front door. They had 2 children named Heidi and Philip that spent many summers playing in Shawnee. During this time the family made many renovations to the Inn, including a bay window that replaced the front door, a new front door, which replaced a small porch area and converted the kitchen to a dining room. After Karl Dresdner died, Miriam spent summers here until the mid 1970s and was then used sparingly by Heidi and Philip until it was sold to Malcolm and Beverly Waring in 1983. Malcolm added the heated swimming pool and deck in the backyard. In May of 2000 the property was sold again and the new owners decided to bring back an old name to a new bed and breakfast. They are known for their warm hospitality and offer many activities in the summer and winter months.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to have heard a kids voice in their room and there was no child present. People have also claimed to see a shadow person roaming the hallways.