A Brief History: Stony Brook Grist Mill was originally built in 1699. In the early 1700s there was a major flood that washed the grist mill away completely. In 1751 Adam Smith started reconstruction of the grist mill. All of the machines used in the grist mill are powered by the water fall from millpond. The grist mill was used to grind grain into flour. The miller would get 1/10 of the flour produced as a form of payment. The local farmers would bring there grain to the grist mill to get it turned into flour, as well as many ships would travel through Stony Brook Harbor to get there grain turned into flour. Over the years the Stony Brook Grist Mill had over 2 dozen owners. Now the Stony Brook Grist Mill is a registered land mark and is open to the public weekly for tours.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have seen an apparition of a man in period clothing appear and disappear by the millpond. There have also been claims of people hearing screaming on the grounds were the mill is located.