A Brief History: The Tannersville Inn is located at 2977 Route 611 in Tannersville Pennsylvania. After purchasing the property in 1847, Manessah Miller established the building as the Tannersville Hotel. The hotel served essentially as a stagecoach stop along what is now Route 611, where travelers could seek food and sleeping accommodations. Over the years the hotel was greatly expanded, and a farm was built to produce the food that would be served to its patrons. Today the Inn functions as a restaurant and tavern but the current owners take care to preserve its historic charm.

Haunted History: Being a mid-19thcentury structure, the hotel has garnered a bit of a reputation amongst locals as a haunted tavern. Paranormal reports include assertions of inexplicable smells and sightings of both shadow people and full-bodied apparitions. There is an urban legend that refers to a middle-aged man who was killed during a hit and run in the back of the tavern, who is now allegedly seen frequently reclining on a second-floor sofa. The most intriguing of reports although unverifiable, suggests that the structure may have been the home of occult ritual activity during significant lapses in ownership.