A Brief History: The building known as the Capitol is actually the third structure of its kind to occupy the plot of land at 500 E Duke of Gloucester St. Williamsburg, VA. The current structure was built in 1934 and was based on the design of the original building that had been completed in 1705. After being moved to Williamsburg from Jamestown, the original structure served as a place of operations for The Governor’s Council and The House of Burgesses, the two houses of the Virginia legislature. The original Capitol would later burn down and be replaced with another building of identical purpose but greatly varied architectural style. After Virginia declared its independence from Great Britain, Thomas Jefferson insisted that the Capitol be moved to Richmond. The Revolutionary War and British occupation took their toll on the second iteration of the Capitol and it was eventually dismantled for its materials. During the 20thcentury, in a movement headed by John D. Rockefeller Jr. to restore Colonial Williamsburg the Capitol was among three buildings at the center of the restoration. The current structure utilizes the architectural style of the original Capitol due to the availability of those blueprints and its more classically colonial design.

Haunted History: Paranormal phenomena includes inexplicable noises and sightings of various apparitions both within the building and on its grounds. Local legends speak of a young girl who once resided in the structure. Legend states that one evening this young woman snuck out to spend the night with her lover, only to be struck and killed by a carriage during her rush to return before her absence had aroused suspicion. This young woman is said to be seen roaming the grounds of the Capitol. Male apparitions in period clothing have been sighted within the structure and are believed to be the spirits of former politicians that had once conducted their duty within the original building.