A Brief History: The Elms mansion is located at 367 Bellevue Avenue Newport Rhode Island. Horace Trumbauer was the architect hired to build the Elms. Horace got his influence from the mid 18th century French Chateau d’Asnieres, and the Elms was completed in 1901 costing a total of $1.4 million. The mansion sits on 10 acres of land with beautiful gardens. The 1st floor has a grand ball room, which can hold 400 people, a salon, dining room, library, and conservatory. The 2nd floor contains the family and guest bedrooms. The 3rd floor contains bedrooms and living quarters for servants. The entire mansion is 64,000 square feet with 48 rooms, and was one of the first houses in America to be wired with electricity.

The Elms was built as a summer residence for Mr. And Mrs. Berwind from Philadelphia and New York. There fortune came from the coal industry. When the Elms was at its prime there were more than 40 servants working there at one point. In 1922 Mrs. Berwind died and at that time Mr. Berwind invited his sister Julia to live with him in his New York and Newport mansion, to help him with his grievance. In 1936 Mr. Berwind died leaving most of his fortune to his sister. His sister decided to take up full residence in the Elms mansion. She lived in Newport until 1961 when she passed away and the mansion and everything inside was sold at public auction. The Preservation Society of Newport County purchased the Elms in the beginning of 1962 for $116,000.00 and by the end of the year they opened it up to the public as a museum. In 1996 the Elms became an official landmark.

Haunted History: Many claims of paranormal activity are reported by staff members and guest that visit the mansion. Many people claim to have heard unexplainable voices heard especially late at night when the only people in the mansion are the tour guides. Many guests feel uneasy in the staff quarters, kitchen and the basement. One guest claims that when they were on a tour of the mansion they saw a woman in a white gown walk down the hall and just disappear. Next time your in the Newport area check out the Elms mansion as well as the other mansions that were saved and restored and you never know what unusual sightings you may find.