A Brief History: The Inn of Cape May is located at 7 Ocean Street Cape May New Jersey. The Inn of Cape May is an extravagant family resort that still has managed to keep its unique Victorian charm since 1894 when it was built. During the summertime you may find the Inn of Cape May to be filled with lots of life, laughter, pool activities and happy families enjoying their stunning ocean front view. An older crowd may enjoy their time on the rocking chairs located on the porch under a purple awning.

Haunted History: Although the Inn has been updated, and changes have been made one thing that hasn’t are the reports of paranormal activity. Some of the guests have reported hearing children playing in the hallway, calling each other by name and bouncing balls in the middle on the night. Guests reported these occurrences to the staff and they explained that there had not been any children there. Paranormal researchers have also picked up several spirit voices on recordings of people talking. A paranormal photographer also reported seeing a ghostly arm reaching over him trying to grab something. This frightened him, and he decided to spend the night in the lobby.