The Old Jail

A Brief History: The Old Jail is located at 167 San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine Florida. The Old Jail was built in 1891 by the P.J. Pauley Jail Building and Manufacturing Company who would go on to build Alcatraz in San Francisco. The project was funded by Henry Flagler who wanted to camouflage the jail so that it would not be an eyesore to the general public. The Old Jail houses up to 72 prisoners including maximum security and death row inmates. The conditions were very poor and violence as well and disease was very common. The Old Jail continued operating until 1953, when the facilities were moved to a more modern building. The Old Jail was sold to Henry McDaniel who began using the building for tourism as well as keeping it well preserved over the years. In 1987 The Old Jail went onto the National Register of Historic Places.

Haunted History: The Old Jail had walls so thick that sounds could not be heard outside as well as metal and concrete which create a very cold environment and no sanitation facilities that leave a smell, which was never gotten rid of. Most witnesses claim to hear the voices of the inmates still trapped in the walls today as well as strange smells and unusual feelings of drastic temperature changes. Some of the other claims include: the sound of chains rattling, dogs barking, footsteps, and humming in the tune of “Swing low Sweet Chariot.”