A Brief History: The Queen Victoria B&B is located at 102 Ocean Street in Cape May New Jersey. The building where the Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast resides today was built in 1881, by Douglas Gregory. Gregory, a pilot on the Delaware River, built the home for his family. Gregory also used the room now known as the Queen Victoria Room, for his medical practice during his ownership of the home. The property was built on the site of the Columbia Hotel, which had burned down in 1878. The building changed hands several times over the next 30 years, before being leased to the Navy for use as a war camp community service facility in 1913. In 1943, the building was sold to Gus and Jane Sailing, who partitioned the building into summer apartments, which they named, “The Beverly.” In 1980, The Beverly was sold and restored, reopening as the Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast in 1981.

Haunted History: Guests have reported a woman who haunts the third floor of the bed and breakfast. Another entity that is seen on the property is that of a young boy who is seen in several different locations in Cape May. He sometimes appears as water-logged which has led to speculation that he may have drowned there at some point.