A Brief History: The Spanish Military Hospital is located at 3 Aviles Street, St. Augustine Florida. The hospital was used to help treat military personnel during the Spanish and British periods of Occupation during the 18thcentury. The Hospital consisted of three main buildings as well as a garden and some smaller outbuildings. The West Wing was built during the initial Spanish period while the East Wing and Apothecary was built by the British in the early 1790s. In 1818, the west wing was consumed by a fire and only two years after gaining control of Florida the United States shut the medical facility down in 1823. In 1895, a fire destroyed the east wing and over the decades several buildings were constructed were the hospital once was. In 1960 over the east wing using the original foundation as well as Spanish records, the hospital ward was reconstructed although several buildings still remain over what used to be the west wing. Now the Spanish Military Hospital is used as a museum showing the rich history of its past.

Haunted History: Paranormal claims include hearing the cries and moans of past residents. Seeing ghostly apparitions in hospital gowns or apparitions with missing limbs. A sad unnerving feeling is felt by many who walk into the building and many of the employees claim to be followed by what they consider a dark presence throughout the building. It is also said that the hospital was built on the remains of a Timucuan Indian Burial Site.