A Brief History: The Theodore Roosevelt House is located at 20 Sagamore Hill Road in Oyster Bay New York. Theodore Roosevelt purchased 155 acres of land in 1880. His uncle, James A. Roosevelt, designed a twenty two-room estate (expanded to twenty three rooms in 1905), which would later be known as the summer white house, Sagamore Hill. It was completed in 1884 and lived in by many members of the family throughout the years. In 1966 it was listed as part of the National Register of historic places.

Elected in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt became the 26thPresident of the United States. A man of great achievement, he was a known conservationist, naturalist, explorer and historian. He also served in the National Guard and Army. Sagamore Hill was also a meeting place where many leaders around the globe would be entertained. The home holds many gifts from these visitors, such as the tusks of a royal pet elephant and a custom miniature suit of samurai armor. Many considered him an ambassador and enjoyed his hospitality. In 1906 Theodore Roosevelt won the Noble Peace Prize.

On February 14th1884, his first wife died of kidney failure that was hidden due to her pregnancy. On the same day, only three hours apart, his mother died of Typhoid Fever in the same home. That day it was recorded in his journal “The light has gone out of my life.” There were a total of four recorded deaths at Sagamore Hill, the others being his second wife and Theodore Roosevelt himself, whom died in his sleep.

Haunted History: It has been said that his spirit still remains and rests at Sagamore Hill. Often times visitors have claimed to see Theodore Roosevelt in his trophy room and office. There have also been sightings of his rocking chair moving on its own. People have also claimed to have a sudden cold breeze pass them by.