A Brief History: Easton Cemetery is located at 25 Stepney Road or the intersection on routes 59 and 136, next to the Easton Baptist Church in Easton Connecticut. The Cemetery was established in the early 1700s, and is allegedly one of the most haunted places in Connecticut.

Haunted History: The most infamous spirit at union cemetery is the White Lady, who has been seen by many witnesses. The White Lady is described as having long black hair, wearing a white gown and a bonnet. She is known to stand in the middle of the road and get “hit” by a car, leaving the driver to wonder where she disappeared to. In 1993 an off duty fireman allegedly hit her with his car and it left a dent. Other reports say she’s been seen floating amongst the graves. She is said to haunt the nearby Stepney cemetery as well, going back and forth between the two locations.

There are also reports of spirit type mists, orbs, light rods and apparitions. There are several theories as to who the White Lady is. Some say she was a woman who died during child birth and is searching for her child, another theory is that her husband killed her sometime around the 1940’s, and yet another theory states that she was murdered around the turn of the century and is buried in a sink hole behind the church. Another popular story states that the White Lady is actually the spirit of Harriet Seeley, whose gravestone is in the cemetery. It is said that she roams the cemetery at night looking for her son that passed away before her in 1853.

There is another alleged spirit that haunts the cemetery at night, named “Red eyes.” It is said that a young man walking by the cemetery at night saw a pair of glowing red eyes looking at him from the brush. When he turned and ran he heard footsteps following behind him. Theories suggest that this could be the ghost of a man, Earle Kellog, who was set on fire, and burned to death across the street in the 1930’s. It could also be the victim of a drunk driving accident that happened close to the cemetery.

Many paranormal investigators have investigated Union Cemetery over the years. The most well known of the paranormal investigators are Ed and Lorraine Warren who have investigated the cemetery on several occasions and captured both video and photographic evidence of the paranormal activity. One night in 1990, Ed and Lorraine Warren set up a video camera near the main gates of the cemetery. At 2:40am Ed Warren heard the sound of a woman weeping. When he looked for the source of the noise he saw a misty white form that took the shape of a woman begin moving in his direction, as he advanced toward the form it moved several feet through the graveyard and vanished into the ground by the front gates. In 1992 they wrote a book about cemetery called “ Graveyard.”

Although the cemetery is open to the general public during the day, it is considered trespassing if you are caught there after dark. The police do patrol at night. If you’re thinking about investigating for yourself you might want to contact the cemetery to ask permission.