A Brief History: Union Cemetery is located in Middle Island, New York on the south side of Middle Country Road, an extension of Jericho Turnpike. The cemetery is located about 2 miles from Coram in the township of Brookhaven. . The cemetery dates back to the early 1700’s. The cemetery was originally a large farm. The farm was owned by Stephen Swezey in an area that was called at the time Middletown. Later the farm was converted into a cemetery. Various members of the Swezey family purchased parcels of land and were buried there. Parcels were passed down from generation to generation. Parcels were also sold to many prominent community members. These prominent community members included county clerks, town clerks, artists, and pastors that served at the church located on the property. In the 1990’s a man lured a young girl into the cemetery at night. The man told the girl that she was going to be involved in a ritual. Instead she was beaten and raped. Fortunately the girl survived the attack. The man was later convicted of the crimes he committed against the girl.

Haunted History: According to an interview with a local paranormal group, members claimed to have seen an apparition walk across the cemetery and then disappear during an investigation in the cemetery. During the investigation the team split into two different groups and proceeded to different parts of the cemetery. A member of one of the groups reported that when he was sitting on a bench a white figure walked by him. A member of the other group that was close by also viewed a white figure walking by. Both thought that the figure they saw was a member of the other group. After radioing each other, it was determined that the white figure was not a member of either group. Many people claim to also fell cold spots while walking through the cemetery.