A Brief History: Union Cemetery is located at 210 Montauk Highway in Sayville, NY. The cemetery sits to the left of St. Ann’s Cemetery and St. Ann’s Episcopal Church. The two plots of land at some point in time were both separate cemeteries. This parcel of land was originally owned by the Smith and Suydam families. This land was a burial plot for both families but all denominations are buried there today. In September 1895, both Union and St. Ann’s Cemetery, were purchased by the Vestry. Upon purchase both cemeteries became one although they were on separate plots of land. Reverend John H. Prescott wanted to convert the creek that lies along both cemeteries into a lake. Prescott’s plan never happened and the creek still borders both plots of land today. This area is now a Suffolk County Nature Preserve and Watershed. Many different people are buried at Union and St. Ann’s Cemetery including a Civil War General, a United States Diplomat, architects lawyers, physician, clergy, musicians, the poor and the rich.

Haunted History: Paranormal history of this location includes sightings and rumors of shadow people being seen on the grounds of the cemetery. There has also been claims of an apparition of a gray man with a beard and and a hat towards the back of the cemetery.