Knox Quarters

A Brief History: Knox Quarters is located in Valley Forge National Historic Park in Pennsylvania. Also known as the John Brown Farm, this is the location where Brigadier General Henry Knox set up his encampment during the Revolutionary war. Knox was George Washington’s artillery chief during that time and the farm was located a short distance upstream from Washington’s headquarters in Valley Forge. In 1776, Knox was able to transport 59 captured British cannons more than 300 miles from Fort Ticonderoga New York to Boston during the winter that allowed American forces to successfully siege the British occupied city. He also showed off his skills as a commander in Valley Forge when he successfully organized and safeguarded the area from British attack during the winter. He went on to be invaluable during the battle of Yorktown where his artillery units shattered the formations of the British troops as well as several fortifications leading to the eventual victory of the American forces. When George Washington retired Henry Knox was personally selected by Washington to become the first secretary of war.

Haunted History: Many visitors have reported apparitions of soldiers, as well as whispering. There have also been claims of the sounds of cats meowing even though no cats live in the building. There was also a report of a blob-like figure rising up and charging toward people. Several of Knox’s children and Mother allegedly died very close together and can be heard wandering the building as well.


Lafayette’s Quarters

A Brief History: Lafayette’s Quarters is located in Valley Forge National Historic Park in Pennsylvania, otherwise known as the Brookside Inn. The construction of Lafayette’s Quarters was started in 1763, adding the center structure between the years 1837-1839, while the western portion of the building was added around 1882-1900.

Currently off limits to the public, Lafayette’s Quarters were utilized in the American Revolution during the encampment at Valley Forge as a headquarters for Major General Gilbert Du Motier Marquis De Lafayette late in the year 1777 and early 1778.

Gilbert Du Motier Marquis De Lafayette- also known in the US just as ‘Lafayette’- was a French aristocrat and military officer, who was crucial in the American Revolutionary War, commanding American troops before returning to his home in France and becoming a key figure in the French Revolution of 1789, as well in the July Revolution in the year 1830. He was at times referred to as “The Hero Of The Two Worlds” due to his military accomplishments with both the United States, as well as France.

Haunted History: There have been claims of feeling uneasy while walking through the house. People have also felt cold spots and heard loud footsteps from inside the building.


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