A Brief History: The Victualling Yard is located East of Dockyard Terrace at the West end of Bermuda. The British Royal Navy chose this location on Bermuda because Bermuda is surrounded by reefs and the west end of Bermuda is the only location where large ships can dock. Victualling Yards played an important role for any successful navy. Victualling Yards were built to supply the ships with items that they needed, such as food and drinks, as well as a place to preserve items for future use. The men working in the yard would prepare and package food and drinks as well as store the items. At the northern side of the yard there were two large fireplaces where the Cooperage or barrel maker was set up there to make barrels to help preserve and store preparations.

The Royal Navy Dockyard was built in 1809 and the Victualling Yard was completed in 1853 with high walls to keep the locals out from trying to steal supplies. At one point in time The Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda was the largest British dockyard that wasn’t within the United Kingdom. Even though the Victualling Yard wasn’t completed until 1853 the Royal Navy Dockyard located in Bermuda played a huge role as the United Kingdom’s western defense in the Atlantic Ocean during the war of 1812 up to World War II. Today you are able to visit the Victualling Yard by walking through the yard and getting a feel for what is must have been like during its time of operation.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to have seen shadow people lurking around in the yard at night. Some people have also claimed to have felt an eerie feeling and feelings of being watched while walking through the yard when no one else is around.