THEORY: In theory a ghost/spirit may communicate with you through the walkie-talkies.

HOW TO USE: We use walkie-talkies to communicate with other members in our group. The first thing you should do is pick a band number to communicate on. Then press the PTT button, which means “Push To Talk.” Press down and hold the PTT button in order to relay a message. To receive a message, just listen.

RANGE: The walkie-talkies we use range from 1 mile to 17 miles. Some of the walkie-talkies that we use have a quiet band. Our walkie-talkies range from FRS to GMRS. FRS stands for “Family Radio Service.” The FRS band walkie-talkies range from 1 to 4 miles. You do not need an FCC license for these. GMRS stands for “General Mobile Radio Service.” The GMRS band walkie-talkies range from 5 miles and up. To use GMRS band walkie-talkies you need an FCC license.

READINGS: A normal reading with a walkie-talkie would be no interference. There are numerous reasons why you can get interference on walkie-talkies. Some of the reasons are: if they are too close to each other, cell phone frequencies, electrical lines, and railroad tracks. There are some environmental factors that can also effect walkie-talkies such as hills, trees, weather patterns etc. A paranormal reading through the walkie-talkies would be any unusual sounds or voices that come over the band. The only problem with using the walkie-talkies as a tool in paranormal investigation is that all bands are open for any one to use, so if you get something over the walkie-talkies it could be someone just messing with you. If you get activity over the walkie-talkies it is good to have a recording device so you can analyze the interference.