A Brief History: The Washington Inn is located at 801 Washington Street Cape May New Jersey. The Washington Inn was built in 1846. When it was constructed the large columns went up to the 3rdfloor to resemble George Washington’s plantation house in Mount Vernon Virginia. The house went through many owners up till 1940 when Martha Brown Hand gained ownership and opened it as an inn. In 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Craig purchased the inn and focused more on the restaurant part of the business rather than the hotel part of the business. Michael Craig oldest son of Arthur Craig now owns the Washington Inn and thrives in serving people a great meal.

Haunted History: Diners and employees in the Washington Inn have reported hearing the voice of an elderly woman. A diner of the restaurant who took a photograph later notice what appeared to be a spirit of little girl sitting at a table not far from where they were sitting. According, to restaurant staff, the Washington Inn is host to the spirit of a young girl named Elizabeth who some say likes to call out the names of employees who are working.