A Brief History: Located at Marlborough Street in Newport Rhode Island, the White Horse Tavern was built in 1653 for the residence of Francis Brinley. In 1673 William Mayes Sr. acquired the ¼ acre of land and had the building converted into a tavern. At the end of 1673 the white horse tavern was open for business. The reason why William chose to call it the White Horse Tavern was because the symbol of a white horse was used to represent a tavern, because back in the 1600s not everyone could read.

From 1673 to 1773 the tavern was used as a meeting place for the colonies general assembly, city council meetings, and a criminal court house. In 1730 Jonathan Nichols became tavern keeper. By 1776 during the American Revolution, British soldiers had the Hessian soldiers quartered there. While the Hessian solders were quartered at the White Horse Tavern, the Nichols family left there Newport home because they did not want to share their residence with the soldiers. In 1895 the Nichols family sold the tavern to the Preece family. Once the Preece family took ownership they turned the tavern into a rooming house.

In 1954 the tavern was worn down and neglected over the years. The Van Beuren family gained control of the property and donated it to the Preservation Society of Newport County. In 1957 The Preservation Society restored the building and opened it back up to the public keeping the name the White Horse Tavern. In 1981 O.L Pitts and three partners purchased the tavern and they are still running it today like it was back in the 1600s.

Haunted History: Staff members and guests claim to have seen an elderly man dressed in old-fashioned clothing walking around by the fireplace and then just disappear. Some of the staff members have heard heavy footsteps while closing up the building at night. People have also claimed to have seen a woman apparition walking around some of the tables and then disappear.