A Brief History: The William G. Weld House is located at 361 Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island. The House was built in 1844 and designed by Dudley Newton in 1844. One of the main members of the household was William G. Weld who was the former governor of Massachusetts, and one of the wealthiest men in the area due in part to his families shipping and banking fortune. Between the years of 1924 and 1972, the home served as part of the De La Salle Academy, a private Catholic boys school. In 1972 the academy was closed down, the house was transformed into condominiums which are now named the De La Salle Condominiums.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have heard the sounds of children playing and then just stop. People have also claimed to have heard a banging sound like someone banging on a door and no one is there.