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Air Ion Counter

Air Ion Counter

THEORY:  When a ghost/spirit is manifesting it may interrupt the ion count in the air, causing an increase or decrease in the ion count. 

Positive Ions: The counter could read positive ions if there is synthetic clothing around, weather patterns such as wind blowing, a thunderstorm, a full moon etc. Also uranium thorium produces very high positive ion readings. Positive Ions have a negative effect on humans and animals. Some of the side effects caused by a high positive ion count are as follows:  violent behavior, road rage, depression, dizziness, chills, tremors, sleeplessness, fatigue, irritability, nausea, lethargy, respiratory symptoms, headaches/migraines, increase in heart attacks, high blood pressure, increase in optical disturbances, anxiety, body aches/pains etc. Studies have been conducted for many years showing a clear correlation between the presence of a full moon and an increase in car accidents, crime, suicide etc.  The police and hospitals know it’s going to be a busy night when there is a full moon out.  When doing private investigations, it is important to listen to the client’s claims. If they have any of the feelings/problems listed above, we should pay close attention to it.

Negative Ions: The counter could read negative ions if there are certain weather patterns such as: after a storm, wind blowing, ion generator/ionic breeze. It is known that there is a high negative ion count on beaches/lakes/rivers/oceans etc. Negative ions are beneficial to humans and animals. It has been proven that a negative ion generator is a better source of an antidepressant than antidepressant drugs according to the Good Drug Guide. A high count of negative ions will decrease fatigue, reduce migraines/headaches, strengthen the function of autonomic nerves, strengthen the bodies immune system, improves metabolism, improves asthma and other respiratory conditions, lowers blood pressure etc. The USDA states that ionizing a room leads to 95% less bacteria in the air, 52% less dust, and negative ions also reduce air borne salmonella particles. Negative ions have no negative side effects but are completely beneficial leaving you with feelings of well-being and good health. Negative ions have a positive effect on humans and animals.  



  • Before turning on the meter, there should be “no polarity” selected and the upper right switch should be set to “standby.”

  • Turn the knob to 19.99 and let the meter warm up for 50 seconds.

  • Zero out the meter by flipping the upper right switch to re-zero for 5 seconds. Release the switch and it will automatically go back to “standby.” (Now the meter is ready for use)

  • At this point the switch on the upper left should be in the middle of the + and – for polarity. The upper right switch should be set to standby. The knob should be set to 19.99. 

  • Take a base reading on site just to give you an example of what the ions are reading that day.

  • Before use, you need to check out weather patterns that day.

  • Before use, you must know the general environment of the investigation site.

  • To take accurate readings hold the meter vertically away from you without moving for 10 seconds. Wind may throw off your readings. 

  • Report any abnormal readings right away to make a determination on what the reading is and try to trace it to its source.


  • The ion counter takes in air from 0 to 1 foot, but this depends on the strength of the source. If there is a strong source, the range will be further away. 

  • Airflow into the counter is 800cm3/sec. Linear speed is 40cm/sec. 

  • Dynamic range is 10 ions/cm³ (corresponds to 10 micro volts at detector plate) to 1,999,000 ions/cm³.



  • Be aware of the weather patters that day.

  • Check the environment on location because things may throw off readings.

  • Unit of measure is ions/cm³.

  • If there is an increase/decrease of positive or negative ions of 20 or more then there may be paranormal activity.

  • When giving readings you need to multiply your reading by 1000. For example:  If your reading is –0.28 it is 280 negative ions/cm³.

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