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Alias Proximity Sensor

Alias Proximity Sensor

FACT:  A proximity sensor is a sensor that is able to detect the presence of nearby objects without physical contact, that are able to generate an electric current by interrupting the electro magnetic field generated by the sensor.

THEORY:  Theory #1:  When a spirit/ghost manifests, it may give off an

                                          Electromagnetic field, which may cause an interruption in the

                                          proximity sensor causing it to go off. 


                   Theory #2:  When a spirit/ghost manifests, it may give off a static electric

      charge, which may cause an interruption in the proximity

      sensor causing it to go off.

         Theory # 3:  When a spirit/ghost manifests it may touch an object that the

       proximity sensor is hooked up to

HOW TO USE:  The first thing you want to do is decide if the device will be used as a stand alone device or hung around an object such as a door knob.  Once the device is placed, turn the button on located on the right side.  When you turn the device on it should sound an alarm and light up.  


RANGE:  The range form the meter to the active field is 1 inch from the device.  

READINGS:  If the meter does not pick up any activity, note that there was no paranormal activity through the Alias Proximity Sensor in the field report.  If the meter lights up and the alarm sounds then that means that there is some type of unusual activity, and should be noted in the field report.  NOTE:  When logging your readings in the field report, make sure to list what trigger object was used if any.

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