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Audio Cassette Recorder

Audio Cassette Recorder

THEORY: In theory a spirit/ghost may communicate with you through electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). EVP is picked up through an audio recording device. You cannot hear EVPs while they are happening. When you play the audio recording back, you will be able to hear them.


HOW TO USE: Make sure there is a blank 90-minute tape in the recorder. We use 90-minutes tapes because that is the standard size tape and enough time for our investigations. 60-minute tapes are not enough time and any tape size above 90-minutyes such as 110 and 120 minutes tapes may cause certain audio cassette devices to destroy they tape because of the amount of tape spun around the real. Make sure the speed is set to normal. Press the record button and wait 10 seconds before you start speaking. Then set up the tape by saying your name, date, time, and location. While investigating, ask EVP questions leaving a 20 to 30 second gap between each question. Make sure you have the recorder recording during the entire investigation, so you don’t miss anything. When the investigation is complete, do a post wrap on the tape stating the time, date, and indicate that the investigation is complete. Once you stop the recording the 2 most important things to do is label the tape and break both tabs on the top of the tape to prevent your audio to be recorded over.


RANGE: The range at which the recorder can pick up sounds is unknown.


READINGS: While analyzing the recording, you are looking for voices that were not present during the time of recording. You want to see if any of the questions you’ve asked were answered. You may also look for any unusual sounds, such as tapping/knocking, bells ringing, doors slamming, music playing etc. Make sure you listen to the entire recording, paying close attention from start to finish. You don’t want to miss anything. Note: Digital audio recorders may be of better quality and have a clearer recording, but audio cassette recorders are better to use in the paranormal field because an EVP will be captured easier on the metal of the tape and the sound is recorded as is, unlike the recordings on digital recorders the sound is digitalized while it is recording and can create false positives.

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