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Debunking Claims of the Paranormal

Debunking Claims of the Paranormal

Here is a list of common paranormal claims and their real world explanations.

Sounds of banging

  • Pipes are not bracketed

  • Air in the pipeline

Toilet Flushing on its own or faucents turning on by itself

  • Airt in the pipeline

Doors opening/closing by itself

  • Door is on an incline/decline

  • Dppr latch is broken

Dishes/Glasses falling off the counter/shelves.

  • Counter Surface isn’t level

  • Water could be underneath the object causing it to slide off.

Lights flickering on/off

  • Light bulb could be loose

  • Could be faulty wiring

Smells like cigars/cigarette smoke, cologne/perfume, flowers/herbs

  • outside smells being brought in via windows or HVAC

Nightmares/unusual dreams

  • Playing video games, browsing the internet, or watching TV before bed

Feelings of being strangled or choked, held down, paralyzed

  • Sleep paralysis - while many believe this to be a explicitly paranormal experience, this is just something that can occur when your mind wakes up before your body does

TV/radio turns on/off by itself

  • Frequencies from a car alarm/garage door opener could set them off

  • Does the device have a timer?

Sounds of scratching

  • tree or bushers bushing against the building

  • pests like mice and or rats

Sounds of creaking/walking

  • natural sounds of a building settling

  • animals in the building

Waking up with scratches on your body

  • Wearing jewelry or other accessories to sleep

  • Long finger or toe nails

  • Being scratched by a pet while sleeping

Waking up with bruises on your body

  • Sleeping with something like a watch on

  • Sleeping on a TV remote or cellphone or some other object

Claims of various cancers, miscarriages, fetal abnormalities, nausea, migraines/headaches, fatigue, paranoia, feelings of being watched, hallucinations, depression, dizziness, etc.

  • There are many claims that exposure to high levels of EMF, especially for prolonged periods of time, can cause the amove effects

  • Commonly occuring levels of EMF within a normal home or business have no effects on most people, however sometimes with faulty wiring people can be exposed to high levels of EMF which may cause some feelings of paranoia, dizziness, headaces and some other symptoms

  • The more extreme symptoms listed above have very little valid connection to EMF exposure possible within a normal home or business

  • These same symptoms can sometimes be attributed to exposure to mold or carbon monoxide that can be present in a building

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