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Digital Audio Recorder

Digital Audio Recorder

THEORY: In theory a spirit/ghost may communicate with you through electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). EVP is picked up through an audio recording device. You cannot hear EVPs while they are happening. When you play the audio recording back, you will be able to hear them.


HOW TO USE: The first thing you need to do is turn on the device and set up a pre-wrap by saying your name, date, time, and location. While investigating ask EVP questions leaving a 20 to 30 second gap between each question. Make sure your recorder is on and recording the entire duration of the investigation, so we don’t miss anything. Slide the hold switch to ensure you don’t pause the recorder by mistake. When the investigation is complete, do a post wrap on the recorder re-stating the time, date, and indicate that the investigation is complete. You will need to put the hold switch back to its original position to stop the recording.


RANGE: The range at which the recorder can pick up sounds is unknown.


READINGS: While analyzing the recording you are looking for voices that were not present during the time of recording. You want to see if any of the questions you’ve asked were answered. You may also look for any unusual sounds, such as tapping/knocking, bells ringing, doors slamming, music playing etc. A digital audio recorder is much more sufficient than an audio cassette recorder because the digital recorder can record longer than a tape, it is clearer than a tape, and has more functions than a tape recorder has to offer. Digital audio files are easier to download into a computer and analyze using programs such as Audacity, Cool Edit, Windows Media Player, etc. The digital audio file is more convenient than a bunch of audiocassette tapes lying around. Make sure you listen to the entire recording, paying close attention from start to finish. You don’t want to miss anything. 

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