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Digital Camera

Digital Camera

THEORY: When taking a picture of an area, you may capture a spirit/ghost on a photograph. The flash and the optics of the camera can amplify an object that you cannot see with the naked eye. For example: You can take a picture in a room and you cannot see the dust particles in the air, but when you look at the photograph you can see transparent circles, which is the dust caught on film.


HOW TO USE: The digital camera has a much higher quality than the 35mm camera. Depending on which digital camera you use there are many different settings on it. We use the finest setting for taking pictures, which is the highest quality. While in the field take random pictures of an area, making sure you point the camera away from you. You don’t want to capture your breath in the picture, because it may look like a mist. Besides taking pictures of just random areas you also want to take pictures when asking EVP questions, or if there is any activity on any of the equipment.


RANGE: The range of the digital camera varies depending on what type of camera you are using.


READINGS: When analyzing the photographs, you are looking for any type of anomalies in the photos that cannot be explained. When using a digital camera there will be many times that you get orbs in your photos. Because the digital camera is a higher quality than the 35mm camera, it will pick up more objects in the air such as water vapor and dust particles. Some of the things you are looking for when analyzing photographs are: orbs, mists, streaks, apparitions, etc.

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