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Digital Geiger Counter

Digital Geiger Counter

FACT: This Geiger Counter detects microwave radiation.

THEORY: In theory, when a spirit/ghost manifests, it may give off radiation that may be picked up by this meter.

HOW TO USE: Point and hold down the orange button. Wait for calibration to occur. Calibration occurs when the numbers jump up to 9.99mw/cm², beeps, and goes back down to 0.00mw/cm². When it hits 0.00mw/cm², keep holding the button. While on the investigation walk around the area checking for any abnormal readings. If you get an abnormal reading, try to locate where it is coming from. When the investigation is over, write down your readings in the field report.

RANGE: The range on the meter is 0mw/cm² to 9.99mw/cm². The range from the meter to the active field is 0 to 2 feet.

READINGS: The unit of measurement on this meter is mw/cm² (microwave per centimeter squared). Normal readings are from 0mw/cm² to 0.5mw/cm². Paranormal readings are from 0.5mw/cm² to 3.0mw/cm². Once the meter is calibrated and starts to beep, the reading will be in the range of 5mw/cm2 to 9.99mw/cm².

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