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Dowsing Rods

Dowsing Rods

THEORY: In theory, spirits/ghosts give off spiritual energy. Any energy that surrounds the dowsing rods will cause them to either cross or uncross.

HOW TO USE: At the investigation site you should hold out the dowsing rods, one in each hand, very steadily. If they cross, get someone with an EMF meter to confirm the reading. You may also start with them crossed and if they uncross check with and EMF meter as well.


RANGE: The range of dowsing rods to the active field is 0 – 2 feet. If a body of water is in the surrounding area, the range can be up to a ¼ mile.

READINGS: It is considered paranormal activity when the rods cross. The more they cross the stronger the energy field is. The dowsing rods can be made up of wood, brass, or various types of metals. Dowsing rods made up of any kind of metal can pick up electro magnetic energy. Bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, streams and oceans can affect the wooden rods.

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