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DVR System

DVR System

SPECS: DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Our DVR system has a 1-terabyte hard drive, with 8 Infrared (IR) Cameras. The range of the cameras is 0 – 115 feet. Some of the features on our DVR system are that you’re able to record 8 cameras simultaneously. You’re able to view one camera at a time or in a 8-way split screen. You’re able to either speed up or slow down the recording for better analysis. You’re able to download a segment of the footage that you have recorded.


There are two types of cameras we may use: One of the types is a hardline camera, which means that you have to run wires from the DVR System to each camera you’re using. The other types of cameras we may use are wireless cameras, which means that there are no wires involved in connecting the camera to the DVR System. Some of the problems when using wireless cameras is that the signal may cut out while you’re recording, and there is a range restriction for the wireless cameras to work.

THEORY: When using a video camera with an IR Light (infrared) the spirit/ghost may reflect off the IR light, allowing the video camera to see it, where the naked eye cannot.


OBJECTIVE: Try and capture paranormal activity, such as an anomaly, unusual movement and/or an apparition on video, by using multiple cameras at a time to cover more of an area in multiple locations to better your odds of capturing evidence.


HOW TO USE: Set up the DVR System to the monitor. Then run all your camera cables to the DVR System. Then plug in each camera cable to the camera ports. Once everything is hooked up and the cameras are plugged into the system then you can turn it on. Once the system boots up it will automatically start recording. At the end of the night power down the DVR system to stop recording.


RANGE: The DVR unit that has a 1-terabyte hard drive. The range from the camera to the active field is 0 feet to 115 feet with the IR light turned on.


READINGS: When analyzing video footage, you want to look for any unusual anomalies, movement, and/or apparitions. You also want to check the time recorded on the camera for any skips in time in the recording. Make sure that if you find something on video, it is logged at the time it happened and the location.

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